Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double Headder

Today was my first day working both horses. Knowing what a "Diva" he can be I took Varro out first and we had a lovely ride! We did our normal warm up and then moved on to trot work. He was quite willing today so I mainly spent time on his canter today! He was a champ today! Our fair weather seems to be ending as it is cold and damp again today. We only spent about 30 min in the arena, as I am worried about him getting too sweaty and not have time to dry out before the temperature bottoms out for the night. All in all he was wonderful....until....

As I said yesterday, it is time to restart Aspen. She is bored silly and is finding new ways to get into trouble. She needs a job and an outlet for her curiosity/energy. I took her out and started round penning her (like normal) once she was warmed up and ready to listen I took her over to the trailer to tack up. You would have thought I took Varro's Christmas presents away! He started throwing a first class fit! His corral is right next to the trailer and he paced up and down the rail snorting at Aspen! It was CRAZY! He was NOT a happy camper! Aspen didn't pay him any mind though.

We went into the arena and I automatically walked her around the outside of the dressage court like I do Varro and then to the mounting block. She was a bit antsy at the mounting block but stood relatively well for mounting. I got up on her and asked her to move forward. We walked around the inside of the dressage court stopping at E,C and B. Then walked to the gate and I got off and told her what a good girl she was! All the while Varro was throwing his fit! I didn't realize he was such a spoiled brat... HAHAHA (I kinda did, but am in denial)

Great day all the way around!


  1. It's the Arabian in him. :)

    My Arab, Ghazal, use to get super jealous if I rode any other horse but him.

    1. I think so too Amanda! LOL He was a HOOT today!