Olympus Ranch Stables

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Short Cold Ride

It is really pretty today. Just a light breeze (which was bitter cold since it is slightly humid out) and not a cloud in the sky. I had only one goal today: get Varro warmed up but not sweaty. Mission accomplished!

I did not do any round penning today. He was calm, cool and collected during the grooming/tacking up session so I knew he didn't need it...thankfully. When it gets this cold out I am very worried about him bowing/tearing a tendon if he "WAHOOS" around the round pen. I used my favorite pair of polo wraps (a present from hubby last Christmas) and his black dressage pad in hopes that the dark colors would help soak up some heat. LOL When I grabbed his bridle, I touched the bit and BRRRR! I thought, there is no way I would want this in my mouth so I warmed it up under my arm pit on our walk around the arena. The things I do for Woobie!

We did our warm up as usual and Varro seemed happy to just mosey around the arena. He had no interest in actually putting in any effort at all! We spent a lot of time walking, both free and collected then moved on to some trot work. I kept putting my fingers under his saddle pad and when I felt he was pretty warm, I called it a day. I wanted him warm, but not sweaty.

I love living in Southern California as the weather is quite temperate most of the time, but honestly, I wish I had a real barn. It is really cold right now and the Spring winds are horrible. I know that 4-5 weeks of the year of yucky, awful weather doesn't validate the cost of one but still....A girl can dream....

I want one like this!


  1. Wanting a barn is understandable no matter what kind of weather you have!

  2. Ooh, never thought of the under the armpit trick for a bit. I usually just cup it in my hands and breath on it forever (and ever and ever) until it's kind of warm. The armpit sounds like a much better idea.

    1. Also, wow. Horse chicks are weird.

    2. HAHA Yes we are weird...anything for our babies! The armpit trick works pretty well :-)

  3. If only it would fit under your Christmas tree :)