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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 4

It is super cold this week and I don't expect to ride at all. So I will continue with 5 more tidbits!

16. One thing you'd like to change about your horse: Varro is expressive, dynamic and I just adore him. With that said I do wish he had just a little bit better work ethic. He is, despite his snort and blow, a lazy horse at heart. He will use all sorts of tricks to get out of working hard. Now, once he is working he likes to be challenged but getting him to that point can be frustrating.
Varro running with the Ladies with all his snort and blow!
17. Your horse's future: Woobie will be my baby until the day he dies! I plan to continue to dabble in the show world as long as I can ride AND afford it. Even though his primary purpose is to be my "Show Pony" I plan to do a lot of cross training with him and maybe even a parade or two!

18. Your worst show ever: I don't actually have a worst show ever. I have only shown Varro a handful of times. I have always left the dressage court ON my horse with NO bloodshed, so I consider it a successful show!

19. Favorite horse show venue: This is easy! PepperGlen in Norco CA. It is only a schooling show venue but it is a beautiful and well maintained facility. They have day stalls which you can rent and it is so nice for Varro to hang out there instead of being tied to the trailer. Their shows are always well run and most everyone to include the riders are friendly, helpful and supportive.
The beautiful Dressage Arena at PepperGlen
20. Your show day routine: Since I am a lower level rider, my classes are generally the first ones meaning I need to leave my place as early as 4am. Most of the show venues are about 2-3 hours from me. I do as much prep work the night before to make my morning go as smoothly as possible. Technically my show day routine starts the day before. Of course I wash and braid Varro and put a sheet on him to keep him clean but that only starts my prep work. I clean all of my tack and ensure the trailer is packed with all of my grooming supplies, hay and treats needed for the day. Then I ensure my clothes are clean and packed up. Lastly I pack my cooler. Show morning all I have to do is load Woobie and take off for the show.
Bathed and braided and ready to go
Once I get there I usually find the round pen first before anything. I round pen Woobie for at least 15 min, or until he gets his wiggles out then tack up. Depending on how long I have before I ride. I walk him around the grounds and let him eyeball the area all he wants. 20 min before my test I mount up and head to the warm up area and take him through his paces.  That is usually enough time to work past any arguments but not so long that he is tired. I love show days but they take a lot out of me so when I get home, I put Woobie away, clean out my trailer and go to bed!!!
Once we get home we are both tired and just want to relax!


  1. I need to move to your neck of the woods! 'Round here all the lower level classes go last... which sucks.

    1. It would be nice to sleep in a bit longer! Perhaps if the lower level classes could be right after lunch... lol