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Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Day Challange: Day 3

Here are more questions and fun facts about Woobie and me~

11. Critique your horse's conformation: I have been dreading this one. I am blinded by love and cannot see Varro's faults. LOL I will give it a shot but I welcome you to chime in with your opinions!

I just love everything about this boy! Varro is a Swedish Warmblood x Arabian and I think he got the best of both worlds. He has a nice topline but his withers are a bit high. He has nice neck and a pretty face. He could use more muscle in his chest but that is not conformation, it's lack of work on my part. He has some flaws but all in all I think he is a well put together horse.

12. Horse's favorite riding exercise: Varro likes to be ridden, he likes to be fussed over but do not confuse that with liking to work. He gets bored quickly in the arena so I need to think of things that challenge him mentally. He prefers a combination of trail riding and arena work. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, he likes to conquer trail obstacles but in the safety of the arena!

13. Favorite spa day products: I LOVE EZall Body Wash! It is so easy to use. Just spray it on, wait 5 minutes and rinse it off. It leaves Varro soft, shiny and gorgeous!

eZall Bathing Kit
14. Three best things about your horse: 1. I love Varro's personality. He is quite high maintenance but is very affectionate with me. My hubby does not like him and thinks he is quite the psycho. Admittedly he was when I first got him, a bit dangerous in fact, but we have made a lot of progress in the last 3 years and our bond is remarkable.
2. Woobie is fundamentally brave. He likes to spook a lot and snort even more, but in his heart he is brave and does his best to "protect me" when we are out on trail.
3. Varro is extremely smart and figures things out quickly. We have a lot of ground work under our belt and he naturally translates that to saddle time. I am so lucky to have him!
15. Favorite picture of your horse: Varro is such a ham, his personality is big and he just loves to be the center of attention. This photo is him to a "T" and is my absolute favorite!


  1. Those two last pictures are both cute and that last one definitely shows Varro's personality a bit. :)

    1. Thank you! It has been a long journey for the 2 of us but it has been soooo worth it!

  2. EZall saved my life when I was working as a groom for a trainer one summer. Bathing 10 horses is so much easier with that thing!!