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Saturday, November 2, 2013

WEEEEEEE!!! (shreik of delight)

It has been a few days since I have gotten to ride. It was a little windy and Varro was especially full of himself today. I had to round pen him for a few minutes before tacking him up as he was quite "snorty."
Varro being very snorty!
Once he was all tacked up we did our customary walk around the outside of the dressage arena then the mount up. To warm up we did A LOT of walking around the whole arena. Once Varro figured out we were going to ride no matter how snorty he was he settled down and I asked for a trot. It was a sticky transition, not his best work. I kept it going with A LOT of leg for the long side then let him walk and continued with trot on the long sides and walk on the shorts until he was happily moving forward. I then moved into 20m circles. I alternated with trot and canter in each direction and did some free walking in-between. I finished up with up up down on the diagonals after one complete "X" I did a 20m circle at A and encouraged Varro to drop his head so we could start work on the "stretchy trot." He did it! In both directions! End on a positive note!!! I love this boy!
Not from today but Varro was just as tired after our ride!

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