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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Way to go WOOBIE!

Quick little back story for those of you who don't know me yet. I got Varro around 3 years ago. He was so hard to handle and I was new to the Dressage world. By new I mean I had ridden in an English saddle like 15 times. I had had a few "hunter" lessons and did fine but it just wasn't my "thing." I am a long time rider.... all of my life actually.... Western. So when I got serious about Dressage and showing I decided it was time to get a serious horse. (Enter stage left: Melissa) she made it all possible to bring Varro home! (but I digress)

Our very first ride was something like you would see on the PRCA:
Now, it may not have been this bad, but it sure felt like it! Varro was such a "hotie" that my trainer needed to hold him as I mounted, lead us to the arena and then I would hold on for dear life and this was AFTER I round penned him for an hour! I may post about how we made it through all the shenanigans later....

It seemed that no matter how many lessons I took, we just didn't make much progress. I had just about given up and posted him for sale, but most everyone that came to look at him was "afraid he was too much horse." I decided to give it another go. I found the most awesome trainer: Liz (her link is to the right) and we started making progress. We showed a few times in 2012 and I was injured (herniated disks and cracked vertebrae) in the beginning of this year so was out for the majority of the year....

So lets fast forward to a few months ago. I retired from the military and found all this time! Time to ride, time to watch riding videos and time to get stuff done around the ranch. (now if I only had a paycheck to go with it haha)

Today our ride was amazing! Varro (whom I affectionately call Woobie) was forward and willing! No matter what I asked him, he did. We started our ride with a lot of walking both free walking and collected. I am working on his tempo and his willingness to just keep moving forward. HE DID IT!

After the warm up we moved on to trot work. We did so many circles, diagonals and loops. He kept steady and forward for the entire 20 minutes of trot work. I was exhausted and needed a break so we did free walk loops for a few minutes. We finished up with some canter transitions and a grand total of about 40 minutes for our ride today.
Not from today's ride; but a tired horse is a happy horse :-)
I am so lucky to have such a willing partner to explore this wonderful world of Dressage with! And GEE isn't he good lookin' too??? 


  1. That is so neat that you found a great trainer!

  2. I love that things are going so well :) Sweet, sweet boy.

  3. You're also lucky that he's a Palomino, because it is the most amazing horse color in the entire world :)