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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three posts in one day!

Holy cow! It has been a big day! Let's do a quick recap: I entered a photo contest and chose the cutest picture that shows off Varro's goofiness. Then I joined a Blog Jump, FUN! I enjoyed thinking of my top 3 bucket list goals! Lastly I HAVE to blog about my ride today.

I started out in the arena and warmed up with our usual walking, then trotting etc. Once I got to the trotting I stayed trotting. I was reading Karen's Dressage Blog today and saw something vaguely familiar. I too have gotten into a "Ride Rut" with Varro. He has been doing so well lately that we only ride for about 20 min or so.  He is getting a bit out of shape, so I turned the heat on a bit. We did a lot of trotting and more trotting! He was going so beautifully and pushing from his hind end into the contact! It was awesome! He was breathing quite hard when we were done with our trot work so I dropped the reins and gave him a lovely free walk break. By the time we were ready for a break, my friend TB had shown up for our trail ride. What a great way to cool down. Varro was a DOLL for the entire ride, bless his little ol' heart!


  1. Hooray! Nothing beats that feeling of the engaged trot!

  2. Hooray! Nothing beats that feeling of the engaged trot!

  3. Hi Sandy!! You're my winner! Please email me at sprinklerbandits at gmail dot com and we'll get you your prize. :)