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Monday, November 18, 2013

Less than stellar

So today, Woobie was less than stellar for our arena workout this morning. He was LAZY and argumentative. It has been MONTHS since our last "Bad Ride," (by no means am I going to label this morning a bad ride) so I was a little surprised when Varro was tossing his head, resisting contact and very sticky with his transitions. He wasn't bad but wasn't willing and forward either. I ended up doing my "45 min" exercise.

Let me describe it: As you are riding a 20 m circle at C, think of C as 12 o'clock (as in the face of a clock) Mentally mark 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock on your circle.
Once you have your mental markers, start trotting at 12 o'clock (C) and continue trotting for "45 min" until you get to the 9 o'clock mark, then transition into a walk. Continue walking for "30 min" until you get to the 3 o'clock mark and transition back to a trot. Continue the 45/30 pattern until you have made it all around the clock markers. This pattern will give you 4 circles. I then do a free walk on a loose rein across the diagonal and around the "A" end on the arena then back to "C" and start the 45/30 pattern going the opposite direction.

It is a bit tedious but the repetition of trot/walk transitions really helps Varro to relax and just go with it. By trotting the "45 min" pattern, Varro has no idea when the stop and walk cue is going to be given, so he doesn't automatically stop at "C"

We finished up our workout doing a little canter work and then a lot of free walking. My friend TB came over when were just finishing out arena work for a trail ride. Nice cool down for us both! We went down a new route today and both boys were VERY alert but the ride was uneventful and relaxing for us all!

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