Olympus Ranch Stables

Friday, November 8, 2013

Easy Peasy Ride

I have been working Varro in the arena fairly hard this week and thought a nice relaxing ride was in order. A friend of mine came over and we hit the trail with our boys. Varro really seemed to enjoy the ride. His head was so low I thought he might trip over the reins! LOL

I pulled him out of his corral and lead him to the trailer to tack up. I gave him a good grooming, tacked him up and off we went to the arena. I did the customary lead him around the outside of the dressage court then stopped at the mounting block. I finished cinching him up, mounted up and did 2 laps of free walk. My friend was also saddled up and ready to go, so off we went. (No round penning or lunging!)

On the right side of my driveway, leaving my property, is a group of palm trees. Whenever we walk by them Varro is certain there is some kind of horse eating monster that is lurking behind each tree that he MUST snort at! Today he just gave those trees the evil eye and kept walking! The rest of our ride was very uneventful. Sometimes the progress you make isn't in the quality of your transitions or the rhythm of your gaits; but in the quiet trust you share just hanging out on the trail together! 
Smile and enjoy each day as it comes


  1. Thank you! Varro is sooo cheesy and smiles for the camera MOST of the time!