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Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Bucket List

Little Bay Princess is hosting a Blog Hop! The topic is Equine Bucket List! The deal is to post about the top three things on your Equine Bucket List! I haven't really though about it! Which is very surprising because I am so "Goal Oriented"

1. I think the first item on my Bucket List would be to train a baby from the ground up and eventually compete at the highest level possible. (Depending on the baby's abilities)

2. Earn my Adult Amateur Silver Medal with Varro. We are going to start competing at RATED shows in 2014! We can do this!

3. Attend a clinic with a TOP Dressage Trainer.

Go check out some of the other blogs that are participating! Off to get Varro warmed up for our ride today!


  1. Thanks for joining!

    I really like the concept of individually accumulating "points" towards medals in dressage. It sounds like an awesome way to stay motivated and work towards personal goals!

  2. Hey! I saw your bucket list. Riding with a top trainer is easy to do. Christina Schacht (Google him) will be doing a clinic on the 15/16 (?) of December in Moorpark. I am taking both boys. It's a lot of fun and he can work with anyone. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass your name on to Jen, the organizer. It's a great group of ladies, and the facility is really friendly. :0)

  3. Think that's a very attainable list!