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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trail Rides Good for the Soul

After spending the week doing arena work, I went for a nice relaxing trail ride with a friend of mine. Varro was such a good boy. I did not lunge him at all. We just tacked up and left for the ride! Woobie was so relaxed most of the ride with a nice LOW "quarter horse" head set. He loves just walking around. He spooked once at a jack rabbit. His head shot straight into the air Arabian style and he snorted. As soon as he figured out it was "nothing" his head dropped back down and he kept on walking. Today we dealt with barking dogs, 4 wheelers and plastic baggies. He was brave and fearless for most of the ride and most importantly; he did the same speed out, same speed back! What a good boy!

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  1. So glad you have such an enjoyable way to "de-stress" and relax. I could just picture your enjoyable ride.