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Thursday, October 17, 2013

This and That

Yesterday was a great ride on Varro. It was pretty windy out today so I thought to myself it is either going to be a great ride or he is going to throw a fit and try to dump me. Luckily it was a great ride. He was very willing and completed each transition with minimal cue from me! He was relatively relax the whole ride too!

Today Varro and I went on a short trail ride... solo! He was relaxed and swingy, a free walk I would LOVE to feel at the shows! After our short ride I warmed up Apollo and we walked around the arena for a few minutes. He was pretty stiff today so I didn't ask for anything more.

After I untacked Apollo, I put both boys out in the grass turnout to relax for about an hour. It was a great horsey day!

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