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Friday, October 25, 2013

New Year Resolutions?

I know what you are thinking: "Sandy, put your OCD in check! It's only October!"  It is a few months early, but I am pondering my riding goals for next year. 2013 was a bust due to my back injury and I would like to set some goals for 2014. Now, typically I create a LONG list of some very over achieving type goals but I am going to try to stay realistic... Feel free to comment especially if I get a little out of hand!

1. Attend 3 "rated" shows
2. Attend 3 "schooling" shows

That averages to a show every other month... I think that will be doable even with my retired pay cut. I plan to join the USDF as well as my local chapter to start competing at the rated shows and have my scores recorded for future goals.

3. Score at least a 60% on Intro Level C Test
4. Show at Training Level 1, if a 60% is achieved, start Training Level 2

At the end on 2012, I was competing at Intro Level B and C. It was a fairly rough show season but I feel we have come a long way since then. Even though we didn't show this year we have made some serious strides forward. We have logged in 100s of trail hours and lately we have made some very good progress in the arena! I think finishing the show season next year showing Training Level is completely realistic!

5. Attend a clinic

Now this one is optional. I know how much it costs to attend a clinic so I think it may not happen with my pay cut next year but if I can swing it financially I will go. Now to do some research and find one in my area. (Southern California) Any suggestions?

And these are my personal riding goals for 2014! Realistic? Yes, I think so!


  1. I was actually thinking about 2014 goals myself today! I need to start a list and I want to really put some thought into them this year!