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Monday, October 28, 2013

Introductions of Sorts

The weather is absolutely horrible today. Way too bad to ride. It is so windy here that I am almost certain that I saw Dorothy's house fly by a few minutes ago! I thought a fun game of questions was in order and a great way for you to get to know me! Feel free to copy/paste into your blog too!

1-At what age did you learn to ride?
I cannot remember my first solo ride but have pictures of me on a horse before I could even sit up on my own. My Grandad would put me up on his horse "Old Mare" and steady me. I have ridden my whole life and will continue to ride for the rest of it.

2-How old was the horse you learned to ride on?
I learned to ride on Old Mare, a Quarter Horse but when I turned 12 or so we got a cute little Quarter Pony named Little Bit... She taught me to really ride! If you know ponies, you get that statement!!

3-What is your favorite color of horse?
I am a sucker for dilutes: Palomino and Buckskins are my favorite. Once I move to a more temperate climate away from the desert sun of Southern California I would like to get a Perlino.

4-How many times have you fallen off?
This is a tricky question. I have fallen off 3 times. Once when I was a kid I fell asleep on Little Bit in the warm afternoon sun, she walked a few steps and off I rolled! It was hilarious! I took a header when I was learning to jump and I was tossed just a few months ago when a horse spooked on a trail ride. All pretty uneventful. I have learned however that I do not bounce any more when I hit the ground. I kind of "thud" so I try really hard to hot to come off! LOL

5-What is your favorite Breed?
I LOVE Warmbloods and Draft crosses, the bigger the better. I also love Paints. In the next year or so I would like to get a baby to train from the ground up. I also really like OTTBS... ALOT! I love their spunk and loyalty!

6-What do you feed your horse? 
I feed my horses free choice grazing Bermuda hay. Each horse gets their own bale and when it is gone they get another. I also feed Safe Choice Original mixed with beet pulp and electrolytes.

7-Supplements: yes or no?  
I do feed supplements. I use Platinum Performance Equine and Smart Bug Off from Smart Pak. Didn't start the bug off in time to make a difference over the summer so I cannot attest to it effectiveness but I love Platinum Performance (PP) I love the results I have gotten and Varro really likes it too!
8-What disciplines do you ride in? 
I ride Dressage but grew up Western. I recently rode Western for a quick ride and it felt sooooo weird! I couldn't feel the horse's movements or use subtle hip movements to influence movement and direction. I have gotten very spoiled!

9-Do you compete?  
Yes, next year I start competing in RATED shows!

10-How many days a week do you usually ride?
I ride just about everyday. Living in Southern California the weather is stunning 350 days a years. The other 15 it is pretty windy. It is NEVER too cold!

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