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Monday, August 5, 2013

Whines and Wails and Allagator Tears

Let me start from the beginning. Isis and Eros got here just over 2 months ago. Just after Eros' 4 month birthday I weaned him from Isis. He was great! She was not. I kept them relatively close the first week, in fact they were in corrals right next to each other. The second week I put Suzi in-between them so they were one corral apart. Now yesterday, I separated them as far apart as I could. They are now at opposite ends of the property. Eros is still a champ having his Mom so far away... Isis is NOT! She spent ALL night pacing and calling for him... Loudly. I could almost "see" the lovely weight I had put on her the last few months just melt away.  Since last night she has worn a "path" around her corral. Today she has stopped calling but is still pacing. She is drinking well and eating OK so I am not too worried about colic. Maybe tonight we can all get some rest...... MARES!!!!!

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