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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Horse day deluxe

So today was such a wonderful day! The weather, gorgeous and the horses... feeling neglected! My first venture was Varro in the round pen. We did 30 min of round penning. He was super "fresh!" Once he calmed down we got some solid direction changes as well as some really good up AND down transitions. He did quite well! We then did "move the haunches." This was a new move for us but Varro caught on quickly! At first he was very complainy about moving his hind end over but soon found out if he didn't move quickly with a good attitude something bit his butt! HAHAHA We then worked on a few backing exercises to cool down. Varro was such a good boy! He got a good grooming/rinse off and then got to go into the big turnout!

Apollo got a Spa Day. He was shedding something fierce! Once he dried off (mostly) he got to go into the big turnout too. Both boys will get to stay out there for the next week or so! And of course the both rolled the instant they hit the turnout! Oh well, the weather is getting better and better! Baths every weekend!


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