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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Equine Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend! Saturday was the trail ride and pot luck and we all had so much fun! Saunday was the MBHA Payday and it was so good to see some old friends! I did not enter any classes as I wanted our first playday to be a positive experience for Varro. He was a Champ! We walked around the area, hung out with 50 other horse and riders while they cheered and whistled and he still was a rock start! Well bahaved, steady and such a great boy! Next weekend, the Pepperglen Show!

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  1. Looks like VArro's temperament is going to be perfect for the show circuit. I think most of that is "inborn" and a small amount is due to exposure and training. Congrats for choosing a horse that will do well with noise, people, etc.